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Lockdown architectural services 3

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Maybe now is the time to think about your home. Update.

Last week I was contacted via this blog by a London family who wanted some help with the way their lovely home relates to their garden.

Two different levels, small doors and the very strange placement of the utility room smack in the middle of the rear elevation.

The house is large enough to not need an extension just a bit of organisation and opening up.

Long ago an American client of mine expressed puzzlement of us Brits habit of having the washing machine on the ground floor, 'why bring all of your clothes downstairs to wash them only to take them straight back upstairs again'. Moving the utility room to one of the many bathrooms upstairs allows a dedicated dining room to the rear that can soak up all of the afternoon sun and link the two sides of the house and dining and cocktail decks.

For a total fee of £500 I will provide you with ​

  • a telephone briefing, discussing your requirements budget design likes and ideas.

  • a sketch model from available information

  • design options presented in three dimensional, plan and view form, to you, via email

  • an explanation of the process to realise the project.

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