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Lockdown architectural services

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Maybe now is the time to think about your home.

A bit of a small departure this week from my usual blog, no less of the shameless self publicity though...

With everyone stuck indoors in these crazy times your thoughts might be turning to all the things that you would like to change about your home. It might be the extra space and new kitchen that an extension may provide or it maybe extending upstairs to accommodate a better home office environment.

From multiple extensions and full refurbishments to new garden offices, the Gentleman Architect can help.

Indeed with these new restrictions, I am finding that people outside my usual catchment area of Greater London and the South East are getting in touch for design advice.

For a while now I have been using information, that is readily available such as estate agent and local authority planning records to develop ‘as existing’ models of a property to enable some outline design and feasibility information for developers and estate agents. However I can also offer this to home owners, you’d be surprised at how much info is out there, be it similar homes in your street to google maps. I may need to ask you to take some photographs and the odd measurement but I should be able to take that information and produce a good enough 3 dimensional model of your house to be able to be able to offer you some design solutions to your housing requirements.

I have decided to formalise this new service and who knows it may continue beyond the current restriction.

I will discuss with you your requirements, tastes and budget and advise you on planning, structural engineer and building regulation, party wall requirements and other hoops that will need to be jumped though to enable the completion of your dream home.

For a total fee of £500 I will provide you with ​

  • a telephone briefing, discussing your requirements budget design likes and ideas.

  • a sketch model from available information

  • design options presented in three dimensional, plan and view form, to you, via email

  • an explanation of the process to realise the project.

See you next week.

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