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Hard to sell homes? ep 4.

The hidden development potential of hard to sell homes. Episode 4

Time to step it up and head across the river as well. To the land of William Morris, Sylvia Pankhurst and the legend that is Vince Clarke. #southwoodford

This lovely modernist house commissioned by the sellers holds a fantastic opportunity to double the floor area without stressing the site. No massive internal alterations required either. Fairly fruity interiors and some repairs needed may mean that a BTL mortgage might be tricky, but if you wanted somewhere to move into whilst you get your permissions and tender in place, this could be ideal. Tax efficient too. (Specialist tax advice would be necessary)

I'm very happy to appraise any properties that you guys are looking at just drop me a line or if you are looking for a property in a particular area I could take a look for you.

See you next week.

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