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Hard to sell homes? ep 2.

The hidden development potential of hard to sell homes. Episode 2

OK prop pickers, I ummed and ahhed about this one, a potential beauty; this house has been on the market since last June and has been viewed over 3500 times. Potentially it offers a free site for a three potentially 4 bed house. It would be one I would love to do myself or at least tout to my developer contacts.

When I started this exercise (last week!) I promised myself it would be a feature and this one should be no different, a bit of speculative fun.

Do permit me the small indulgence of not putting agent details on this one, you will have to get in touch with me for the details. In next weeks post I will update it and send the details to the agent (will they put the price up?, will they notify the owner?).

Obviously all of the permissions will need to be sought, be extra careful about Restrictive Covenants on this one, but just imagine; you could buy this house, move in whilst you get permission and build it and then move in and sell the original and no Capital Gains Tax (specialist tax advice will be needed)

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